School Choices During COVID

To say that we are all dealing with unprecedented uncertainty in our lives right now would be an understatement.  One area where we see a large amount of concern is specifically around schooling for our children.  There are more options than most know.  It is not as simple as in person or at home.  Denver 7 touches on the various options and the associated concerns in a 360 story which we were asked to contribute to.  If this is an area where you need help, please contact us.

About messy growth

Messy Growth is a personal coaching & consulting company focused on helping you create the vision for your future that you want the most. We focus on the four fundamental pillars of a balanced life:

Personal & Spiritual Growth

Financial Independence

Healthy Relationships

Educational Freedom

Personal goal setting and growth is something that everyone should be doing in their lives. Most successful people have utilized personal coaching as an integral tool in achieving their success. Coaching helps you to set goals in your life that you thought were unattainable, but in such a way that you can see the reasonable steps needed to achieve them. Coaches come along side you and walk with you through your trials, mountain tops, and valleys.

Most Americans have less than $1,000 in savings and live paycheck to paycheck. Debt has become a way of life, whether it’s from a mortgage, credit cards, student loans or medical expenses. Whether you have debt currently or not, this is an area where there is always room for improvement.  Let our consultants help you chart a path to financial freedom and peace of mind.

Relationships are hard.  In core relationships, such as marriages and families, the more people involved, the more difficult and important it is to maintain the relationship in a healthy fashion.  There is no reason to go it alone, we have helped many families and couples and would love the opportunity to help you.

A child’s education can be extremely freeing or it can be very restricting.  There are options other than traditional schooling.  I can provide different perspectives of what is possible.  What will fit your family the best? Homeschooling, a hybrid school model, or some other option?  Let’s work together to find out.

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While we are restarting our group events, please know that we are taking care to stay within locally required guidelines.  We are also taking care to use common sense.  We will not be resuming large group events at this time.



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