personal coaching

Coaching vs Counseling

What is the difference between personal coaching and counseling? The short answer? Counseling focuses more on clinical mental health issues. Personal Coaching works under the belief that the client is whole and complete. You have all of the answers within yourself. It is the coach’s job to pull out things you have always known, but may have never consciously thought about or felt confident enough to say or do. We think most people will be surprised to find out how much power they actually have inside of them!

Goal Setting

Personal goal setting and growth is something that everyone should be doing in their lives. Most successful people have utilized personal coaching as an integral tool in achieving their success. Coaching helps you to set goals in your life that you maybe have always thought were unattainable, but we will set them in such a way that will easily walk you through the steps needed to achieve them. Coaches come along side you and walk with you through your trials, mountain tops, and valleys.


Our personal coaches make themselves available to our clients as much as possible. Have you just had a huge success and you need someone to call and celebrate with? Did you just experience a big set back and you feel some of those old, toxic feelings rising up inside of you? Call us. Text us. We want to be there for you as much as possible.

Let's Go!

We can’t wait to see you achieve the highest goals and dreams you have ever had in your life. You have all the power you need within yourself. You just need the tools that personal coaching can provide to harness it. We do not promise that it will be easy, effortless, or without failure along the way, but we do promise that you will be surprised at just how far you can go with a partner that is there for you. If you are ready to get started, contact us today!